Military and Peace Policy

Member of the board of Union of Democratic Soldiers (VDSÖ)

Lastly: Presentation:  “The social ecology dimension of security policy in China", 5 March 2010 - Potsdam Symposium on "Peacekeeping in Asia. Foreign and military policy, military doctrine and forces of the People's Republic of China“, Rosa Luxemburg-foundation Brandenburg
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Support of the initiative against a regualr army and for neutrality (German)

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Baum Josef, Erfahrungen eines Präsenzdieners beim Bundesheer (Tagwache – Experiences of a recruit at the Austrian Army) (4 editions 1983-1988))

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Der Soldatenratgeber. Tips, Überlebens- und Rechtshilfe beim Bundesheer von Josef Baum und Kurt Wegscheidler  1989 (Guidebook for soldiers, tips for survival and legal assistance at the Austrian Army)

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