Josef Baum: Theodor Bergmann 1916 - 2017

Theodor Bergmann 1916 - 2017

Theodor BERGMANN, a critical leftist and professor for agricultural economics died at the age of 101. Until last he was very active and optimistic. Especially when negative dynamics seemed to dominate, he could always find valuable solutions.

Three years ago, the China Study Group Europe invited him for a talk and a workshop in Vienna as he had conducted intensive studies on China. Please find the Video of his lecture and a short introduction by myself here (German).

Two articles on hie death:

Stuttgarter Nachrichten (German)

Neues Deutschland (German)

Two Interviews with Theo in Vienna:

Labour Net Austria (German)


Theo published a huge amount of books. On the Internet you can also find many interviews: dieses.

Die Begräbnisfeier ist am 22. Juni 2017 um 11:00 Uhr am Pragfriedhof Stuttgart, Untere Feierhalle.

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